"The Miserable Lives of Fabulous Artists"
the book
Published by Royal Academy Publications.  
Hardback.  79 pages. 
ISBN 978-1-910350-89-8  
Buy online at royalacademy.org.uk or at the Royal Academy shop and other good bookstores.  
£16.95. $29.95
Chris Orr - The Making of Things
Published in May 2013 by the Royal Academy, Chris Orr and Robert Hewison explore the influences and experiences that have shaped Orr’s work from his early experiments as a student in the 1960’s to his later innovations in lithography, silkscreen and etching. It examines his significant contribution as a painter, printmaker and teacher. Illustrated with 175 colour images from his career, and with a foreword by the actor, writer, traveller, and long-time friend Michael Palin, this book offers an insightful and entertaining portrait of Chris Orr.    

Cloth three-quarter binding. Format 26 x 27cm. 238 pages. ISBN 978-1-907533-37-2  
Available from bookshops and online for £35.  
The book is also published in a limited edition of 40 copies, each of which includes a hand coloured engraving Brittania on the Move 25.5 X 25.5 cm £350.
The Multitude Diaries
A book of 238 drawings from Chris Orr’s sketchbooks of the past 25 years.  
Published by the Royal Academy and Chris Orr.  

Available from the artist.  
140 X 185 mm hardback full colour, signed copies (special dedications by request) 
£15 including postage and packing in the UK.
A - Z  Poster
“More people know Chris Orr's work than know they know it” wrote Lyn Barber in the Independent. She was of course referring to the famous A-Z poster.   

Available still in it’s classic 6th printing (over 15,000 have been sold throughout the world), gracing bathrooms of both the rich and famous as well everyday folk. The “Poo Poster” as it is often called, came from a game Chris played with his son on long car journeys. Chris, is inundated with letters and emails asking where to buy this unique poster. Generations have now grown up with the A-Z as an essential aid to those quiet moments. It's unusual take on the alphabet slightly shocks but always amuses and is claimed by many people to be highly educational.    

A-Z Poster available from the artist.     
60 X 45 cm - 6th printing 1998 -  £50 including postage and packing in the UK