On show in the Belle Shenkman Room in The Keeper’s House at the Royal Academy are  the recent satirical prints under the title “The Sleep of Reason produces Monsters” which will be on show from September through to January. Entry is free. Turn to your right when you enter Burlington House from the Piccadilly side. You might even be able to sneak a cup of coffee at the same time.

Talking of boats, which we weren’t, after Chris’s “Small Titanic” etching of 1995 starred in the “Seafaring” exhibition at Hastings Contemporary, he took up the nautical theme again and this summer produced a big drawing called simply “Ship” which will be on show at the British Art Fair in the Saatchi Gallery, Duke of York’s Square, Chelsea SW3 with the Jill George Gallery 29th September – 2nd October. Whether this is the ship of fools or the ship of state, you must inspect closely to find out.

Meanwhile, this has been a year of travel for Chris, and wherever he goes he draws. So, visit his studio (by appointment) if you are interested in seeing drawings of Cyprus, Istanbul or Beirut not to mention the Scottish Borders and Wales. Shortly he will be revisiting Japan and the paintbox is already packed.

Chris is continuing to post regularly on Instagram @chrisorrra. Amongst notable recent contributions have been further instalments in “Johnson, my part in his downfall” including “Rats leaving a sinking ship”, “Dropping the Pilot” and “Changing deckchairs”. There it is again, that nautical theme.

Chris Orr Autumn 2022