The delayed Royal Academy Summer Exhibition opens 22nd September and I will be showing 6 works including 2 prints from my new series of satires for our times. “What Artists did in Lockdown” reveals…….well, not very much. Actually, most Artists, like me, have been working very hard. The new series will take the lid off actors, scientists,sports persons, musicians and many more. They are engravings in editions of 25 with hand colouring, printed at my Worton Hall workshop. Jill George will be showing 4 of them at the Conningsby Gallery, London October 25th to 6th November.

My fascination with silent film comedy has led to another lithograph to follow “Crisis? What Crisis?”. This time in “Another Fine Mess!”, it is the famous collapsing car of Laurel and Hardy and a whole host of bizarre characters from The Pied Piper of Hamlin to Estragon and Vladimir who get into the limelight.

Hovering in the background this summer has been my new fascination with the subject of still life. Originally spurred by the conditions of lock down when I had to work in my kitchen and so decided to draw and paint what I saw, the still life has started to take on new meanings for me. Fruit, vegetables, and meat in the supermarket have started to fascinate me.  I completed a large watercolour painting which I titled “The Landscape of Food” which has been on show with the Brook Gallery this summer. The heroes of Dutch still life painting managed to invest their works with complex metaphors and meanings. I am trying.

Chris Orr Autumn 2021