Chris at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2018





The bits John Constable left out



Searching for a lost button at Jackson’s


The Fauves Picnic




How to earn an honest crust




Home is the soldier, home for his tea








  For this special Summer Exhibition, I have been working on 4 new prints and a painting. My engraving “How to earn an honest crust” sets out options for a brilliant career. From H.R. to ballet dancing, from snake charmer to night watchman, there must be a job for you. The other prints spring from my series of paintings, currently on show in the Keeper’s House until August 9th “The Miserable Lives of Fabulous Artists”. Jackson Pollock gets a much bigger place to splash around in, Constable’s Hay Wain gets the full Chris Orr chaos treatment and the Fauves have a very brilliant picnic.  
  The watercolour painting “Home is the soldier, home for his tea” comes from a childhood memory of my Father returning after the war. I go to town with suburban Bromley and the cast of characters who lived around us.  

The Miserable Lives Exhibition continues in the Belle Shenkman Room in the Keeper’s House. It was re-hung in April and continues until August 9th.( can a link go in here, or wherever you think best) Admission is free and all work is for sale. A book published by the RA about the series is available (£16.95) from the RA shop or on line.